Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Sylvia, start your engines

Meet Sylvia the convertible SAAB. Naysayers and assorted sceptics call her my midlife crisis purchase but I call her my NEW BEST FRIEND, and she makes me want to put exclamation points (!!!!!!!!!) At the end! Of! Every! Word!

Here’s my rationale for this slightly out-of-character, moderately luxurious buy:
* When one is 42 and has never had better wheels than an ’87 wood-panelled station wagon, who’s to say one shouldn’t splash out on a convertible for the summer Down Under?
* When the pricetag for said wheels is only $5000 and when it will easily sell when the time comes to leave, what does one have to lose? (Never mind that the buyer will have to pry the wheel from my cold dead hands)
* When it’s the first car spotted on the internet and the seller is just around the corner, could there be a better omen?
* When the buyer has secretly nursed a convertible-ownership-type fantasy for years, this totally makes sense. Right? Right!
* Is there a better country in the world to have a convertible in summer? I mean, C’MON!!


Anonymous said...

Greatpic it up and have fun. I can never accuse you of being extravagant!

Anonymous said...

Good one. You deserve it.
Never thought we'd see the demure Nancy Harper with her top down.

Alli and Stevie said...

You Moms would look pretty cool driving along Port Elgin beach in Sylvia. We wish our mom would give in and buy a cool car. The family van is getting boring.Say hi to Annie and Molly, and Doog for us.
Luv u Guys

Nancy Harper said...

Hey Alli & Stevie,
Thanks for your support, guys. You keep working on your mom. Remind her that she used to drive a sports car when she was 16.
lotsa love
SEe you guys in Southampton!