Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Rolling through our old stomping ground

When our girls aren't at the beach, they’re on their new roller blades – and sometimes they’re lucky enough to be doing both at the same time. Today, they're tearing up the pavement in Port Melbourne, our old stomping ground, and I fear the blades will have to come with us to South Africa and beyond because I can’t imagine the girls – who begged and pleaded for wheels on bended knee - giving them up now.
On the same day we hit Port Melbourne, we also dropped in to nearby Luna Park, which is one of the great icons in my favourite city in the world, and it’s as I imagine Coney Island was in the ’50s: old-fashioned rides, rickety roller coasters, a gorgeous view of the sea and sticky and hot underfoot. Naturally, the girls lap up the atmosphere here in St. Kilda and want to know when, exactly when, we’ll be coming back to blow a heap more cash.


Fun To Scrap said...

On your sidebar you give us details about your "book". Is your book this blog or did you publish your adventures?
Thanks for your time!

Nancy Harper said...

Hi there,
Thanks for your question. I'm writing the adventure as we go along and hoping to attract a publisher at some point. I'm told the blog exposure might help ... and if nothing else, it gives my friends and family a way to keep up with the latest!
Thanks again,