Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Farewell, NZ, thanks for the memories

Most New Zealanders hate France and the French like nothing on earth (think Greenpeace and the Rainbow Warrior and froggie bombers) so it’s a bit disconcerting to find ourselves in Akaroa, a little east-coast town near Christchurch that’s as French as they come.

Famous for its French history and cuisine, it’s also a fantastic place to see the smallest and one of the rarest dolphins in the world, the Hector’s dolphin, and since this is our final stop in NZ, it’s now or never. (I’m trying to impress upon the girls that it’s far better to see even one in the wild than a zillion in a tank - I just don’t do animals in cages – and so we find ourselves on this little boat having forked out 92 bucks to see the grand total of … ONE dolphin. Still, the girls love it, and that’s cool.)

So after months on the road, it's time to bid farewell to New Zealand - it's been bloody wonderful - and say hello Australia! It'll be nice to stop for a while ...


Anonymous said...

All I can say Nancy is that after finally catching up on the last 3 weeks of your blogs is......I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS.

Anne "Cold in Calgary" Dawson

Nancy Harper said...

Thanks AnniePannieDawson: Do email me and let me know how WA was!! lotsa love
PS We still on for Harper/Thompson/Dawson reunion 2008 in lovely Canmore, Alta?

Anonymous said...

You bet we are on for the 2008 reunion. Plans are already in the works. I will send you an email with some pics from the WA trip soon. It was absolutely fabulous!