Monday, 26 February 2007

Cherish the good stuff

This year-long adventure may be chock-full of cool stuff and amazing experiences, but as a parent I know this much to be true: the simple things in life really are the best, and there can be few things better than snuggling into sleeping bags on a warm Aussie beach, watching the sunset and then waiting for the stars to come out, one by one, as you ponder the meaning of it all.

I'm counting on Annie and Molly to remember these nights and I hope they feel the same as we do: That time spent together - celebrating lives that are richer in simplicity than in material wealth - is really what makes us tick.


Anonymous said...

How very profound!!! What an important statement for all parents to read!! It's so nice to see the girls so happy and enjoying their adventure!! The girls are always interested to hear how Annie and Molly are doing!

Take care,

Nancy Harper said...

Thanks Kath, your support is much appreciated. G'day to Riley and Abbie!