Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Any excuse for a party, Part 2

After Melbourne Cup and all the big Group One races, one can always choose a day in the country for what Aussies call the picnic races. There are little racetracks dotted around the place, like this one in Balnarring, Victoria, and they basically involve the following: Drive your car into the bush (forest), set up among the cockies and gums (cockatoo parrots and gum trees) have a nosh (snack) and a flutter (bet) and then grab your champers (champagne) and toddle across the grass to watch the first horses fly out of the starting gate.

First-time visitors would be forgiven for thinking Melbourne is all about bets, booze and boobs at this time of year. And, um, they’d actually be right. Because it seems everyone – and I mean everyone – has a bet, everyone seems to be drinking and my God, if your boobs aren’t hanging out of your finest frock – it’s summer after all – well, you’re just not getting with the program.


tavox said...

excellent site, like much your blog


david mcmahon said...

Always entertaining, Nancy. Strangely enough, the picture I posted today is of a gum tree. We must think along the same lines.