Thursday, 8 February 2007

How to buy a convertible

Just a little more about Sylvia, my new best friend.

Negotiating the purchase went a bit like this:

Me (to the private seller, in his driveway) : Hi. Wow. Love the car! I TOTALLY WANT IT! (which is apparently the wrong thing to say right off the bat)

Seller: Yes, this is an excellent car for the money.

Me: GREAT! How ’bout you show me how the top goes down now?!!

Doog (under his breath): Nancy, BE COOL.

Geoff (our Tasmanian friend who knows a bit about cars): Nancy, seriously, BE COOL.

Seller: It’s got blahblah under the hood (I’m not listening, mister!) and blahblah this and blahblah that.

Me: Yup, I hear ya! Mechanical shmanical! Fine, fine, fine! Low kilometres? Dandy! One owner? Most excellent! JUST SHOW ME HOW THE TOP GOES DOWN!

Geoff (to Doog) : Why did we bring her?


Anonymous said...

Hey Nanc, I must say i'm pleasantly surprised that the tappets haven't come through the rocker cover yet.
The top down look is really you. It's killing the do unfortunately! All that hard work and hours in the salon!!
Love your work.
Taz. (mechanics r'us)

Hi to all out there. Sean, Holly etc.

Cath said...

Remind me to play poker with you sometime.

david mcmahon said...

Are you good at house auctions?

Seriously, though, I enjoyed this post so much I'm going to put a link to it on my blog.

Clint said...

I'm all for driving topless...

What a sweet ride Nance - you deserve it

!!! <- more exclamation points

Nancy Harper said...

Thanks everyone, Sylvia ROCKS! Parting will be such sweet sorrow....