Monday, 8 January 2007

School's such a beach

We've now been on the road for about 60 days and nights and it's places like these - where the girls' classroom for the day is one of my favourite beaches in New Zealand - that make it all so worth it.

This wee slice of paradise, in Golden Bay at the top of the south island, is called Tata Beach. Like many other places in NZ, Golden Bay is gloriously and ever so slightly behind the times, if not completely frozen in time, and it's a place where women can still hitchhike and farmers will still stop to pull hapless drivers out of the ditch - as one did for us on this very day when my husband pulled too far over to the left to let the school bus pass. He must have been lost in nostalgic thoughts at the time (his family used to holiday here, foraging and eating pipis and mussels until they would puke their guts out) but we're hoping the rental-car company that loaned us the Loser Cruiser doesn't notice anything amiss.

Ditch landings notwithstanding, nothing could ruin this perfectly perfect day.


Anonymous said...

I loved this site. It makes me proud to be a mom. My "travel" with kids is somewhat limited to hockey arenas and theatres, but it truly is what you make it. At best every stop can be a learning experience, but at the very least, simple and pure entertainment!! Enjoy!!!

Nancy Harper said...

Thanks so much for your support. I love knowing there are like-minded mamas out there who know that anywhere can be a classroom and any experience a teacher.

Holly said...

Nance, you are-- once again-- showing us what's possible in a way that will benefit our kid(s) someday. Can't wait to follow in your intrepid footsteps. Anyone want to rent our house in Maine?

Nancy Harper said...

If I HAD to live anywhere in the US (hypothetically, of course!) you know I would choose Maine. Thanks Holly! You're too kind.