Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Marlborough Mama

These are my feet ... and this is my life in the Marlborough Sounds. Just in case I forget, I've got to say it now and say it loud: I LOVE NEW ZEALAND!! And I hope every parent who has ever dreamed of that elusive perfect family holiday will believe me when I say there could be no better place for it.
Over just one three-day period alone, my girls have fed wild-but-tame eels in a crystal-clear river, petted llamas and a Tibetan yak, bottle-fed a piglet, done doughnuts in a speedboat, groomed a thoroughbred, pruned a tree, drove a Jeep, steered a dinghy, watched the Crocodile Hunter in a luxury home overlooking the sea, marvelled at a friend’s private cactus garden, sipped kiddie cocktails in a hot tub, wore a wetsuit for the first time, clung to their daddy on the back of a jet ski, caught six sharks, ate fish they caught themselves and slept in a windswept cottage without electricity while Auntie Leanne cooked their dinner over an open fire.
What’s not to love?


flyfly3 said...

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david mcmahon said...

Remind me to show you how to incorporate word verification for your comments section.
Sounds like the girls (and Travellin' Mama) have had a blast.

Heather Shettler said...

Hi it's Heather and Eric how are you guys. I LOVE your website ,is Molly ok, there's a question I need too ask, are Molly and Annie at school,or they going too school

Nancy Mc said...

I'm sorry but I just can't help but be reminded of the "Claw" with this pic.I don't think your readers will need to be bothered with that explanation. It's just a foot thing!

Nancy Harper said...

Hi Heather! How cool to get a message from a cool young Calgarian! I'll get your email from your mama and you guys can send messages to each other (I;ll have to type and they can dictate!)
lotsa love