Saturday, 6 January 2007

Baaaaaad jokes

Beyond the more obvious charms of this picture-postcard South Pacific nation – beyond the scenery that never quits, the whale watching and hot springs and quaint villages, the jet boating and bungee jumping, the hiking and kayaking and sheep-shearing and rugby - lies a wonderfully quirky side of the “real” New Zealand that the average tourist might never see.

To get an insight into the local humour, it helps to be familiar with the odd sheep joke (which obviously you don’t need to share with the kids) but bear in mind that when a Kiwi is telling the jokes, Aussies are the butt. Any sheep joke will do, really, but this is one of my favourites:

"Two New Zealand sheep farmers are flying the herd to a new farm. Suddenly, the engine fails and the plane begins to plummet. Farmer 1: Quick! Grab a parachute and jump! Farmer 2: But what about the sheep? Farmer 1: Fuck the sheep! Farmer 2: (pause) Do you think we have time?"


Anonymous said...

hi guys,

I have visited your blog off and on over the past few months but I just had time to sit down with a coffee and go through the whole thing. I love it! I do think we should contact Oprah and she could follow you on the show and then the whole family could go on the show when you return home! Does anyone know how we can contact her?

Anyway, I'm loving hearing about your travels. Soon we will book our tickets to Europe. Reading your story is inspiring and frightening at the same time. :)

Love Les Turcotte

Anonymous said...

Okay....I wasn't finished yet but I ran out of space.

I wanted to say that I love love love the photo on the rocks at Lake Superior. The sun, the water, the! What a shot!

I also love the photo at Farquhar's. I especially like the wig of pink ice cream around Doog's head!

Love ya,
Les T

Michelle said...

You guys totally inpsire me! What an amazing investment you're making into your family. Now I'm dying to go too. Love your stories.

Nancy Harper said...

Hey guys, thx for the support! I love what all this travelling does for the kids and I love that you wanna do the same!
love harps