Thursday, 25 January 2007

Jet boat, jet girl

There’s a reason Molly’s not looking too confident here - we’re about to hit Mach 1 on a jetboat at the Rakaia Gorge - and, you know, wherever there’s a foot of water and sheer cliffs and jutting rocks all around, there’s an enterprising Kiwi willing to charge you a small fortune to do a couple of doughhnuts in his speedboat.


Colleen said...

Doog continues to look very uptight about this trip! ( not !!)
So glad you are continuing to have great adventures. Molly's facial expressions are priceless.
Dave and the girls have created quite the toboggan jump from the back deck of the house, with a good little mogule at the bottom! We love hearing the kids laughing out there- which in turn reminds us of Molly and Annie!

Nancy Harper said...

Good to hear it Colleen! The girls will really look forward to their own moguls out back next winter...
take care,
nanc & doog