Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Eccentric friends 'R' us

One of the best parts about New Zealand is all the fantastically eccentric friends we have here – and none more so than this particular fellow, Shaun, pictured with Annie and Molly at his pad in Riwaka, showing off the head he chopped off a dead albatross on a Wellington beach recently.

It’s fair to say that Shaun loves animals more than he loves people, and he loves to collect weird shit. So when he saw the dead bird, he had to have its head. Off he ran to buy a knife, then scooted back to the beach, collected his trophy and mailed it to himself in a padded post-it bag before boarding a flight to Nelson.

Overpowering smells notwithstanding, Annie and Molly (and travellin mama) are duly impressed.

1 comment:

Jill said...

OK but where did he get those freaky glasses? i guess that's the evidence that dear shaun likes animals better as they likely attract some cool wildlife who think he's prey. (kiddin' ya if you're reading this shaun!)