Monday, 15 January 2007

Cool place, hot sunset

Not for nothing was New Zealand recently voted the coolest holiday destination in the world (in a study by CoolBrands) as well as the best destination in the world (by British traveller magazine Conde Nast.) The fact that it’s so far away from Europe and North America is just about the only thing that doesn’t work in its favour.
Certainly, it costs a bit to get here but everything else – the thrills and spills of adventure tourism, the exchange rate, the wine, the clean and green reputation, the world-class sailing, even the Lord of the Rings film locations – attracts tourists like Anna Nicole Smith attracts rich old guys. Plus, it’s kid-friendly, super-safe and everyone speaks English. What more could a travelling family want?
OK, OK, the sunsets are pretty damn good too.


david mcmahon said...

Great pictures, Nancy.

Nancy Harper said...

Thx David! It's amazing what a wee point and click will do!

clint said...

your photos are drawing me in... I'm feeling a south seas walkabout with youse guys

we finally got some snow here. I fired up the snowblower and felt instantly heroic. But I'd trade that 10hp virility in to be meek and mild on one of those NZ beaches.

hugs from up here
© xox

Nancy Harper said...

Snowblower man, how fine thy art thineself!