Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The world game

Never am I more proud of my very cool husband than when he does the unexpected and goes where no one else dares, like on these two occasions when he simply walked into the middle of a soccer game between local kids and joined in, thrilling them with his big smile and big heart.

The kids in the top picture, who belong to the local witch doctor, play with neither shoes nor a real ball; their “ball” is a wad of plastic bags wrapped up in sticky tape. The other kids, whom we visited in Lesotho (a separate mountain kingdom contained within the borders of South Africa) were probably good enough to play on representative teams, if only the talent scouts would come this far into the townships to give them a chance.

Both groups of kids received gifts from our girls – new balls, chocolate, crayons and colouring books – and it was a lesson of the highest order for Annie and Molly, who may not remember these encounters specifically, but will hopefully go forward in life with what it takes to understand those who are disadvantaged, to feel empathy for them and to bring themselves to do something about that disadvantage.


Danb said...

A wonderful family, a fantastic couple and an inspiration to all!!
Dan Bright

Anonymous said...

Wow, classic photos. love your blogs nancy. why don't you just keep travelling around the world. what a memory. Trins

Anonymous said...

Yo: the girls' memory will not be what was done or said, but how these people made them feel. Very, very awesome pics, Harps.


Nancy Harper said...

OMG you are all giving me goosebumps with the feedback. Thank you so much!
PS Gail, September weekend comin' up!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, you have really made my day!!!Wow what a trip of a lifetime. I had a tear or two and lots of smiles!! we love to check in on the updates.Be safe ,God bless you all. The Howcrofts

Nancy Harper said...

Thanks Howcrofts! - see ya in August for a coupla cold ones on the beach. Lotsa love
nanc & family