Saturday, 14 July 2007

Images of Africa

Immersing ourselves in African culture has proved a total eye-opener for all of us; Annie and Molly had a go at carrying water on their heads, Doog and I tried our hand at dancing with this amazingly cool and smiley guy (fortunately no one captured us on film), the beaded lady shook and shimmied, the housewife made Zulu beer and these gorgeous kids (top two pics) sold their wares ... we’ll need to buy another suitcase to fit in all the trinkets and gifties.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nanc,

What a truly amazing life changing experience you've all had!! I have thoroughly enjoyed following you through this journey! This wonderful adventure will help to shape who Annie and Molly are and will become! You are an awesome mom and an inspiration to many!! Take care and say hi to the girls and Doog!


Nancy Harper said...

Kath thank you so much for your support. I appreciate it so much! See ya soon,