Monday, 2 July 2007

Once a Kiwi, always a Kiwi? Depends when you ask

Our Doogie – born in New Zealand, made in Australia, ageing gracefully in Canada – may have lived away from NZ for more than two decades and will still tell most people he is Australian, but on this day he was most definitely a Kiwi as his beloved rugby team (the All Blacks) thrashed the Springboks in front of 54,000 ferociously pissed-off South African fans in Durban.

The buzz was incredible (my God, that Maori war dance is to die for) and the girls and I got fully carried away with the excitement of it all. Not quite as primitive as Doog and his screaming/swearing, mind you, but carried away just the same. (When the final siren blew, Doog boo-hoo’d like a frickin’ baby. God defend New Zealand, indeed.)


Grace & Geoff said...

Sucked to be a Kiwi on Saturday night at the MCG.
C'mon Aussie C'mon.
Love from your Anzac Brother.
Aka Tas.
Now you can't even claim to be a yachting nation after going down
5-2 in spain. Oh well there's always the sheep!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kiwi family, We are so happy to see that you are all doing so well!!!!You can see it in your eyes.Southampton isn't the same without you all there. We look forward to seeing your return and to enjoy some stories on the Harper from porch.Be safe, Love the Howcroft's

Anonymous said...

Great to be a kiwi on a winning day, that's for sure. wow, what a time you guys are having.Amamzing. trins and family.

Nancy Harper said...

Tas, believe me Doog was actually trying to call you to gloat BEFORE that game ended. We were watching it a game reserve, feeling cocky, then BANG! Zee Kiwis, zay were trampled. ARGHH!
I may be an aussie citizen but I can't cheer for the Wallabies. Sorry, man!