Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Market day

We are all amateurs when it comes to sampling Asian food but the girls, much braver than I, have found a thing or two at this market that's to their liking. Doog thinks I am a total peasant but I fear if I venture back into the local stuff I will be puking yet again from the back of a ferry. Pathetic, yes. Safe? You bet.

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Taz said...

Nancy, One can't live on DC and twisties alone.
Come on you philistine, try some stuff. You've lived with ox tongues lolling out of your fridge, how bad can it be. I must say though, i to would draw the line at most creepy-crawlies etc.
The girls look terrific. Hope you and doogy are recovering from the Poop & Puke express. The current surroundings will no doubt help.
Love Taz.