Monday, 7 May 2007

Northern reflections

As the sun sets on our final day in the Territory, I reflect on what's been at times a "challenging" triip (read: BRUTAL!) but one that I'll look back on with fondness all the same. I may have failed Climate 101 - some might say this climate has failed me - but as Doog says, it’s more of a "man’s palace" up here and he's probably right. Queensland here we come....


Anonymous said...

hey Nanc!! you survived!! The girls nad Doog don't look any worse for wear! glad to see you're getting a holiday!
Good attitude about all the challenges you faced, I must say!

enjoy the change in scenery!
do they have any cold "X"?

Nancy Harper said...

Thanks Trishy, you're a gem.
In fact they have more than a cold Ex". They have 4X (XXXX is Queensland's unofficial beeer)

love ya