Thursday, 31 May 2007

Hi ho Sylvia, away!

Did I say how hard it is to say goodbye to old friends?

Next step Johannesburg. See ya then.

P.S. To anyone who sees me driving my '87 woody wagon come September: expressions of sympathy are welcome. (Sylvia goes to a good home tomorrow)

P.S.S. Thanks for the headline, David.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
I just found out about your Blog yesterday. It is great! I was up for hours reading it last night. The pictures are amazing and it is very well written (I laughed out loud several times). Anyway, Megan wanted to write a note to the girls. We look forward to seeing your girls when you come back. ENJOY the rest of your adventure! Lisa Duchesne

Hi Annie and Molly,
I miss you. For the end of the school year we are going to the Toronto Zoo to study animals and I am studying the Giraffe. I hope you visit Africa soon. See ya later alligator in a while crocidile. Your friend Megan Duchesne

david mcmahon said...

My pleasure, Nance,

Bon voyage, safe travel and God bless all four of you.

It was great having you back in Oz.

Take care and do stay in touch.


Colleen & Doug said...

Nancy, wishing you all a safe trip on the next leg of the adventure.
Til we meet again :)

Trish said...

Harps..... enjoy your long anticipated trip to South Africa! By the way... we all love you in the woody wagon!! You're just that kind of girl... from convertible SAAB to the woody, with such ease, and grace!
gotta love it!

Trish xo
ps.... can actually say " See you soon"