Thursday, 24 May 2007

Little queens of karaoke

Shamed into it by brave karaoke queens Annie, Molly and friend ‑ who got up to do Aqua’s I'm a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World in front of hundreds of people at Long Island Resort - Doog and I and assorted new friends made a totally lame tribute to AC/DC shortly after this photo was taken. In the realm of bad karaoke, our Shook Me All Night Long was surely the very worst of all time. But on the upside, we will never see any of those people ever again.


Colleen said...

You have to start grooming them early for show biz Nanc!
Ask Doug about his karoeke experiences when you return home
- not pretty or in tune!
Safe journey as you prepare to head to Africa.
Hello to the rest of the clan!

Anonymous said...

Hello Nancy and , is this right Doogs?. I guess this is your partner/husband?? Sounds like you are having an awesome time. I am a single Mother of 3 (all under 9 yrs of age) living in a trailer park 10 miles out of Santa Barbera in California, USA. I found myself instantly jealous and at the same time inspired by your blog spot. Hoping to travel as soon as I can but I can only save about 25 US dollars a week as I work only 2 shifts as a waitress per week and get the rest of my income from welfare. Still I know I will get there some day and I will be closely following your holidays from now on.

Let me know when your book is out. Sounds great.

Happy Holidays,

Tina (thats me!), Casey, Corey and Nikki.

Nancy Harper said...

Hey Tina, thanks so much for your support. So far it's just been friends and family so it's great to hear someone else has found me! Doog and I are at a backpackers in South africa. The kids love it! I feel lucky! Stay well and keep up that dream. I waitressed for YEARS! And if you can't get far away, you can always explore closer to home! Best, nancy