Friday, 23 March 2007

Travellin mama cracks the shits

“One gets tired of the role critics are supposed to have in this culture: It's like being the piano player in a whorehouse; you don't have any control over the action going on upstairs.” - Robert Hughes, author and critic

By way of explanation, cracking the shits is the Aussie equivalent of taking your bat and ball and going home.

One can handle only so much rejection from publishers who LOVE (!!) the book idea but can’t see their way to selling it because I’M NOT FAMOUS. (Well, duhhhh, of course I’m not famous. I’m busy having fun!!) Or because they see the market for it but it doesn’t fit their current list. Or because it’s kind of interesting but they’re not really interested themselves. Or because who do I think I am to imagine other parents want to take their kids travelling?!!

On the up side, I did read somewhere that every good writer gets a squillion rejections – even guys like Ernest Hemingway - so I suppose I'll press on.

Just not right now.

Because now I’m taking my proverbial bat and ball and getting on a plane with Doog and the girls to the far north of Australia where I will dig my toes into the red earth, camp under the stars (hopefully not too close to the crocs) and then fly to Queensland to see a whole lotta colour on the Great Barrier Reef and drink a whole lotta colourful drinks whilst lounging around in a hammock. No computer access = no new rejection letters to read. Yeah!

I'll be back online in three or four weeks... until then, thanks for logging on.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the rejection letters. You deserve a break, but I'll miss the great reading.


Bonnie Heibein

Stephanie said...

Don't give up yet, Nancy!
That said, some time away will probably do you a world of good.
I'm sending you positive vibes...
(ps. I know I still owe you a reply to your e-mail and an update - I really appreciated your encouragement, though!)

Trishy said...

hey harpy.. maybe Oprah needs to do a live broadcast with you , Doogie and the girls.... forget about the book... this could be the latest reality tv show..... can you imagine? I'd tune in... and I don't even watch tv!

Only kidding... I think your notion of having to try and try again is right. Many attempts are made by entrepreneurs, writers, scientists, and even normal people like me(?) and other parents like me.... to get it right, to have their work stand out. Be positive... attract positive things. be open... attract opportunites. I believe in you.

nancymck said...

You may not be published yet but you have already brought so much information, insight and laugh out loud commentary to your reading crowd. I'm anxious to read on so don't give up!

Clint said...

Love ya Harps - keep casting those pearls before the... well I don't want to insult any of your potential benefactors... so, hmm, keep casting pearls before those, umm, publishers.

Hope you are all well and having a wicked time in the outback. I'm sending a big goofy grin to Doog and a bunch of brand new magic tricks for the girls. xo

Jill said...

Yeah, so go stuff it up your kilt eh? Way to tell em girl. Play hard to get. Bet ya ten bucks some publisher will crawl out of the swamp in a croc costume, desperate to see the next chapter in your manuscript.

Enjoy the adventures oh fearless one.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nanc,

Don't give up!! You'll get your break...hang in there! In the meantime have a wonderful holiday!! Enjoy every minute! Hope to hear all about it! Take care and say hi to Doog and the girls!


Greta said...

Hi Nancy. Sorry about the rejections. I love these bits on Australian lingo and thanks for the stuff on Melbourne earlier in your blog. I didn't know that about that city. And I'd also like to say your photos are beautiful, great light and composition, and your girls have really grown since the beginning. Happy travels. Keep us posted. Greta from Guelph

Anonymous said...

I just wasted a half hour reading about your lovely kids, blond husband and now you say you want to give up? Press on Princess, press on.

I am dying to hear a little more from the Blond's perpective. You know we are plumbed different so his perspective could prove interesting. Maybe you culd give him a guest column.


Nancy Harper said...

Hey Smitty is that you, perhaps, Greg Smith from Bluevale? Wow, cool. Hey if Doog could type I'd let him have a go but he's not that kind of guy! You'll have to get the goods in person whence we return to Elora (Sept/07)
Thanks for logging in,