Thursday, 22 March 2007

Fluff from the Fluffmeister

I could fill an entire chapter with quotable quotes from my Molly, aka Fluffy Farquhar. She's just that kind of kid. Here are some of my favourites:

Molly (while settling down to sleep in the tent): "Mom, is your butt crack a really important part of your body?"

Molly: "Mom, when your boss is teaching you all that stuff, do you sit around in a circle on the carpet?"

Molly (on getting off the Manitoulin Island ferry in southern Ontario): "Mom, are we still in Canada or is this Saskatchewan now?"

Molly: "Mom, I can't wait to be a mom too."
Me: "Why's that, honey?"
Molly: "So I can sit around and drink Diet Coke and read the newsaper all day too."


Colleen said...

Classic Molly, gotta love her!

nancymck said...

Yes Molly, your butt crack is a very important body part! Thanks for making my day!!!