Thursday, 8 March 2007

Shark tales

The last time I bought the girls a blow-up beach croc, it fizzled out before they could even get it in the water - something about me having had a few too many drinkies and putting one too many sparklers on the cake at Doog’s citizenship party last summer - but we have no such worries this time. If it weren't for that niggling little film Open Water, about the headcount gone wrong that left two divers for dead on the Great Barrier Reef, SIXTY KILOMETRES (!!) offshore, you could even say I'm relaxed out here.

(Apparently, the great white sharks don't come this far into Port Phillip Bay, but I know they're out there, and that's enough to make my stomach turn to mush. )


Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy, did you photoshop those fins in the distant background ;) Thoughts like these make chickens like me LOVE the body surfing on Lake Huron!


ps. Tell Annie & Molly that Bo & Piet died their hair BLUE for whacky hair day!(and Hi from us too!)

Nancy Harper said...

Hey Sue!
I hear you on Lake Huron. Nothing like safe, fresh water to make a mama happy!