Friday, 8 December 2006

With classrooms like this, it can't be all bad

If it’s true we do only live once – and that any day we really could get hit by a bus – one of the things I hope to have done is inspire the wanderlust of other parents who dream, and who might then dare, to roam with kids in tow. Because outhouses and my annoying Smug Spouse notwithstanding, I feel incredibly lucky just to be doing this trip, let alone writing about it. Here at Sioux Narrows Provincial Park - yes we are still in Ontario but I'm over it now - we end our day with a bit of school at sunset, a swim and a Lucky Lager. And really, who could ask for more?


Anonymous said...

that smug spouse must be a handful?

Anonymous said...

Dear Travellin Mama - what a great blog and inspiration to all parents with the travel bug. For many of us middle agers who's idea of of nature is a good hotel room with the window open, you guys are a breath of fresh air.
Have great time out there on the road...and watch out for those voles...the lesser known, but equally dangerous 1/2 cousin of the mountain dwelling pika.
love to all sis

Nancy Harper said...

Hey bro,
YOU are the inspiration!
love ya

Anonymous said...

You are definitely and inspiration Nanc! I admire you for what you are doing and what you are bringing to Annie and Molly's lives!! I am really enjoying reading about this amazing trip!! Enjoy every minute!!

Take care,

Vicky said...

You rock Nanc! I can't wait to read on.......
Hi to the girls and hubby for me.
You really are inspiring!
Take care

Nancy Harper said...

Hey Vicky, great to hear from you! Tell Jayden I've printed off a pic of Annie and him from the beach and put it up for her to gaze at, dreaming of the day she can be his babysitter! Hope all's well with your teaching this year.
Thx for the kudos, too.
See ya next year,