Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Just another summer day in the Rockies

So that’s it then: scorcher one day, snowflakes the next. Molly, left, and Annie have morphed from sweaty little girls on the prairie into frozen-limbed snowflake catchers here at my beloved auntie’s cabin in Canmore, Alberta. It’s so cold we’ve had to raid the local SAAN for hats and mitts and scarves and tights. (Never mind that it’s still technically summer - these are the Rockies and they will do what they damn well please.)

Between snowball fights and snowman building and trips back in to change, the girls keep running out of dry clothes. But we’ve drawn the line at buying winter boots because after all, it is only September … and how long can this last?

Q: How much western hospitality, Trivial Pursuit by the fire, yummy food, booze and conversation can a travelling family stand?
A: As much as possible. Bring it on! More anything? More everything!


Anonymous said...

Hope the Australian summer is surrounding you with sand not snow!And that Canmore hospitality can't be beat. I'm sure the combination of Doog's and Aunt Janet's stories kept the laughs going all night!


Nancy Harper said...

Hey you, you're right - Canmore hospitality rocks! Let's make sure we commit to the 2008 family reunion out there. Yee-hah!