Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Molly reaches for a toothy milestone

So here we are, after the heat of the prairies and the snow and cold of the Rockies, with umbrellas and raincoats and duck boots on B.C.’s magnificent Sunshine Coast. The giant crabs, the steady rain, the smell of fish and hard work – it’s all perfectly British Columbia. Fans of The Beachcombers may well want to make a pilgrimage to this place – it looks exactly as it did on TV all those years ago - and the Molly’s Reach cafe itself is still in full swing. We have a special reason never to forget it: our own Molly lost her first tooth here, and her Kinder Surprise container proves as handy as ever, even once the chocolate is gone.


Anonymous said...

I wish I had the guts to pick up and leave on such a journey, however my capitalist tendencies prevent me from doing so, mh

Nancy Harper said...

No, no, my bro. 'Tis you who taught me how to live right and save for the things you really want. Porsche(s) for you, travellinmama for me!!
love ya