Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Meryl Streep, eat your heart out

Internet access is sparse, but I'll do my best!
The girls are having a ball, making scrapbooks of all the animals - eagles and African hornbills and wildebeest and impala – and I’ve gone all Meryl “I once had a farm in Africa” Streep on myself, sleeping in a tent perched on a wooden platform on stilts and loving every minute. God, this is heaven. Eagle-eyes Farquhar is proving to be the best spotter in the family; on a night safari in an open-aired Jeep, he peered through the scrub to pick out a blackbacked jackal and a spotted cat called a genet.

We have seen a pride of lions relaxing in the midday sun, African buffalo zigzagging in front of our car and the biggest “tusker” in the world: Duke, aged 57, who has his very own ranger to protect him from poachers. We’ve seen everything, in fact, but the cheetah, but of course we can wait. It’s damn near impossible to take this all in anyway.

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