Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Great southern man

After posing at what is officially the southernmost tip of Africa, my Doogie (sentimental guy that he is) stripped to his undies for a quick dip (one leg in the Indian, one in the Atlantic) and then presented me with a 10th anniversary ring of African tanzanite and a diamonds. Gotta love it.


Colleen said...

How sweet is he? Undies and all!
Happy Anniversary!

Geoff & Grace said...

What a guy. Not even secondhand nanc! Hope no skiddies!
Love Taz.

Anonymous said...

Hello Nancy & Doogs,

Glad to hear you are still having a wonderful journey. You have a beautiful family. Very Hot in California right now, saving lots of $,

Take care,

Tina,Casey,Corey and Nikki.

Nancy Harper said...

THanks guys! Love the ring (and the man)