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Book Urges Travel-starved Parents To Hit The Road

Travellin’ Mama: A Parent’s Guide to Ditching the Routine, Seeing the World and Taking the Kids Along for the Ride shows parents how to put an end to the excuses and hit the road.

Elora, Ontario, May 18th, 2012 –Every hockey mom worth her salt knows there’s an unwritten code of conduct for motherhood that has everything to do with self-sacrifice and nothing to do with self. So when opportunity knocks, it’s time moms start putting themselves first — a little less June Cleaver, a little more Courtney Love perhaps — and start going after what they really want.
That’s the premise behind Travellin’ Mama: A Parent’s Guide to Ditching the Routine, Seeing the World and Taking the Kids Along for the Ride.

Travellin’ Mama takes the reader on a cheeky, lighthearted, global odyssey across Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and south-east Asia as one mom, one dad and two kids cover 80,000-plus kilometres on 15 flights, 20 buses, 10 cars, 26 boats, seven horses, one submarine, one truck, three trains, two subways and three trams.
It’s a year-long adventure that’s as much about ditching the routine and tossing out the play-by-the-rules parenting playbook as it is about seeing the world.

It’s about the funny stuff that happens on the road with kids. It’s also about the unbelievably annoying shit that makes you want to start smoking again.
Travellin’ Mama is actually about showing parents, particularly those who yearn to travel, that it’s possible to have their cake and eat it too. Because all evidence to the contrary, combining one’s passion for seeing the world with the passion one has for one’s own kids can actually be done. And it sure beats living with the regret and resentment of having put off one’s own dreams to faithfully toe the modern parent’s sacrificial line.

Taking to heart neither the Courtney Love nor the June Cleaver model, author Nancy Harper discovers a motherhood nirvana that lies somewhere between those two extremes. And she shares with her readers this essential truth: That going after what we want doesn’t make us bad or selfish parents, it actually makes us happier people … and therefore better parents.
Like travel writer Bill Bryson, whose first rule of consumerism is never to buy anything you can’t make your children carry, Harper also finds that having kids around to carry her stuff is one of the many upsides of taking them on the road.

But, of course, the good stuff is just half the story. Had she known, for example, that she’d be ankle-deep in water, wringing out her undies in a thundery midnight monsoon as lightning struck directly overhead again and again and again, she wouldn’t have made for the croc-infested environs of Darwin at the height of the rainy season with plans to sleep rough. That she didn’t start smoking again is still mildly surprising. And that she didn’t smother her Kiwi husband with a pillow in the dead of night is a MIRACLE, especially after he allowed their youngest to go out on a parasailing boat with no lifejacket, no parent, and a male stranger.
Travellin’ Mama shows that even when things go horribly wrong, travelling with kids is still so right. In fact, the author and her family are preparing to hit the road again, this time for a two-month backpacking stint through Central America.

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About Nancy Harper
Nancy is a professional marketing writer as well as a freelance travel and features writer who has worked in the industry since 1992. She lives on a rural property with her husband and two daughters in Elora, Ontario. In 2012, she released her first book, Travellin’ Mama: A Parent’s Guide to Ditching the Routine, Seeing the World and Taking the Kids Along for the Ride.


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