Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Out of Africa: An excerpt

A former boss of mine was kind enough to post this excerpt from the Africa chapter of Travellin' Mama. It reminds me how jazzed I was to finally be there....


Sheela Iyengar said...

I happened to see your family photo taken in Madikwe, S.Africa published in the Montreal Gazette on Aug.11/12 in the Travel section. I want to let you know that I was there too, with my family in March 2012 and we have taken many pictures of our stay there and during the safari. I had a funny experience with the rancher, who took us on the safari. Even though he had worked in Kruger Park before for several years before taking his job in Madikwe, he did not know the difference between the roar of a rhino and a lion in heat! I was midway peeing at that time when the ranger asked me to come back instantly on hearing the roar. I could not stop and peed in my pant on my way to the jeep! He got hold of his rifle ready to shoot in case the lion charged towards us. Funny indeed! He then alerted his fellow ranger closeby and then went on a wild goose chase to find the lion. But to his utter, disappointment he found the rhinos instead closeby. Apparently the roar came from them, he lamented with a sigh.

Sheela Iyengar from Montreal, Qc.

Nancy Harper said...

Thanks Sheela. That is funny! The guy we had in Madiwe was great - must have been a different guy!
Happy travels,