Tuesday, 24 April 2007

No clear track up ahead

Doog is fond of saying to me "There's a clear track up ahead, Nancy" whenver he thinks I should know exactly what to do next. Here, though, in what I'm told is the last gasp of the Northern Territory wet season, our grand plans are foiled in all directions. Water all over the road up ahead meant we had to turn back, so we chucked a right instead, and found that that road was, er, also closed.

Soon we will find an open road and merrily we will go...


Anonymous said...

Man, this is some funny stuff. If you can't get a publisher for this then there is truly no justice the world.
J. Stratton Fevair

Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy! I caught up on your latest and I am dying here laughing. I cannot wait to read your book (and yes you will find a publisher one of these days). You are terribly entertaining. Say hello to the girls and Doog from all of us. Life in Elora can be SO boring...dying to take the kids on an adventure. Jealous....Michelle

Nancy Harper said...

Hay fever (my 1st editor extraordinaire), you made my day!!

Nancy Harper said...

Michelle, you have made my day. Seriously! Rejection I can handle but it sure is nice to get the odd accolade!
See ya in September..

Amma said...

You write very well.