Thursday, 30 November 2006

The side of Superior we never knew

Testing the homeschool waters, overdosing on togetherness and living on beans on toast while longing occasionally for the queen-sized comfort of home, we discover that Lake Superior in September (left) is truly a superior experience. (Being a southern Ontario dunce I thought it would be cold up here. Duhhh. It's, like, totally hot man.) We’ve pitched the tent in a to-die-for campground – this one is Pukaskwa National Park - and run to the beach to cool off. It seems each beach is more gloriously deserted than the last, and I figure that's because the start of the Canadian school year looms and everyone else is at WalMart stocking up on school supplies. Poor buggers…How lucky are we that our classroom is a beach, a forest, a tent, a picnic table?